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Tom Watson
Tom Watson

Tom Watson is the author of the new Stick Cat series. He is also the author of the Stick Dog series.

Tom lives in Chicago with his wife, Mary, and their daughter, Elizabeth, and son, Jacob. They also have a dog named Shadow. Tom wanted to name the dog, “Put Your Shirt On.”

It’s a long story.

While we have your attention, Tom wants to declare something. He will not be the author of any other stick animal books. He will not, for instance, be writing a Stick Chicken book – even though that’s fun to say. Stick Chicken, Stick Chicken, Stick Chicken. There will be no Stick Donkey, Stick Cow or Stick Manatee books. There will be no Stick Giraffe books despite the fact that stick giraffes are totally fun to draw. In fact, Tom drew a stick giraffe in the fifth Stick Dog book, Stick Dog Tries to Take the Donuts.

So, no more stick animal books. Tom’s having plenty of fun with dogs and cats.