Where you can find Tom Watson

When Tom visits schools, libraries and bookstores, he talks about the books, the writing process and his favorite hamburger and hot dog toppings. He also usually gives a Stick Dog drawing lesson. So if you’re coming to one of the events below, be sure to bring paper and a pencil! And be sure to have some ideas about what Stick Dog’s or Stick Cat's next adventure could be about. Tom’s going to ask you for ideas.

2018:  09/04/18

Northlake, Illinois
  Roy Elementary

2018:  09/07/18

Naperville, Illinois
  Graham Elementary

2018:  09/25/18

Stick Cat - Two Cats and a Baby release date!

Salt Lake City, Utah
  School visits with King’s English Book Store

2018:  09/26/18

Austin, Texas
  School visits with Book People book store

2018:  09/27/18

Newtown, Pennsylvania
  School visits with Newtown Books

2018:  09/28/18

Milwaukee, Wisconsin
  School visits with Boswell Books

2018:  10/04/18

Des Plaines, Illinois
  North Elementary School

2018:  10/08/18

Sycamore, Illinois
  School Visit

2018:  10/09/18

Sycamore, Illinois
  Southeast School

2018:  10/24/18

Mattoon, Illinois
  Williams Elementary

2018:  10/25/18

Mattoon, Illinois
  Another school in Mattoon

2018:  11/14/18

Aurora, Illinois
  Wolf’s Crossing Elementary

2018:  11/16/18

Yorkville, Illinois
  Cross Evangelical Elementary

2018:  11/20/18

St. Monticello, Illinois
  Lincoln School

2018:  12/10/18

Aurora, Illinois
  Stack Elementary

Naperville, Illinois
  Highlands Elementary

2018:  12/11/18

Glen Ellyn, Illinois
  Lincoln GE Elementary

Glen Ellyn, Illinois
  Ben Franklin Elementary

2018:  12/13/18

Itasca, Ilinois
  Franzen Elementary

Wheaton, Illinois
  Hawthorn WH

2018: 12/19/18

Naperville, Illinois
  Clow Elementary

2019:  02/05/19

Stick Dog Number 9 Release Date!
  The title is a secret!

2019:  02/13/19

Alsip, Illinois
  Hazelgreen School

2019:  02/14/19

Alsip, Illinois
  Lane Elementary

2019:  02/20/19

Yorkville, Illinois
  Circle Center Grade School

2019:  02/25/19

Las Vegas, Nevada
  Forbuss School

2019:  02/26/19

Las Vegas, Nevada
  Snyder Elementary

2019:  02/27/19

Las Vegas, Nevada
  Hewetson Elementary

2019:  02/28/19

Las Vegas, Nevada
  Elliz Elementary

2019:  03/01/19

Las Vegas, Nevada
  Goolsby Elementary

2019:  03/05/19

New Lenox, Illinois
  Tyler School

2019:  03/13/19

Melrose Park, Illinois
  Jane Addams School
  Family Reading Night