Where you can find Tom Watson

When Tom visits schools, libraries and bookstores, he talks about the books, the writing process and his favorite hamburger and hot dog toppings. He also usually gives a Stick Dog drawing lesson. So if you’re coming to one of the events below, be sure to bring paper and a pencil! And be sure to have some ideas about what Stick Dog’s or Stick Cat's next adventure could be about. Tom’s going to ask you for ideas.

2020:  01/27/20

Las Vegas, Nevada
  West Preparatory Academy
  Gilbert Academy of Creative Arts

2020:  01/28/20

Las Vegas, Nevada
  Priest Elementary

2020:  01/29/20

Las Vegas, Nevada
  Vassiliadis Elementary

2020:  01/30/20

Las Vegas, Nevada
  Kathy L. Batterman Elementary

2020:  01/31/20

Las Vegas, Nevada
  Doris French Elementary

2020:  02/04/20

Lockport, IL
  William Butler School

2020:  02/12/20

Oswego, Illinois
  Fox Chase School

West Chicago, Illinois
  Norton Creek School

2020:  02/21/20

New Lenox, Illinois
  Spencer Pointe School

2020:  02/22/20

Woodridge, Illinois
  Anderson’s Children’s Literature Breakfast

2020:  03/03/20

Des Moines, Iowa
  Schools visits with Barnes & Noble

2020:  03/04/20

St. Louis, Missouri
  School visits with Novel Neighbor

2020:  03/05/20

Louisville, Kentucky
  School visits with Carmichael’s Book Store

2020:  03/06/20

Fearrington, North Carolina
  School visit with Whirlikids Book Festival

2020:  03/07/20

Fearrington, North Carolina
  Whirlikids Book Festival

2020:  03/09/20

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
  School visits with Best of Books

  Evening event at Best of Books

2020:  03/18/20

Moweaqua, Illinois
  Gregory Intermediate School

2020:  03/20/20

Bowling Green, Kentucky
  Southern Kentucky (SOKY) Book Festival

2020:  03/21/20

Boring Green, Kentucky
  Southern Kentucky (SOKY) Book Festival

2020:  03/31/20

Wall, New Jersey
  Central School

2020:  04/03/20

Waverly, Illinois
  Waverly Community School

2020:  04/08/20

Ottawa, Illinois
  Central Intermediate School

2020:  04/16/20

Palestine, Illinois
  Palestine Grade School

2020:  04/17/20

Palestine, Illinois
  Community Unit School #2

2020:  04/25/20

Chicago, Illinois
  OMG Bookfest

2020:  04/27/20

Hoover, Alabama
  Greystone Elementary

2020:  04/28/20

Hoover, Alabama
  Deer Valley Elementary

  Hoover Public Library

2020:  04/29/20

Hoover, Alabama
  Brock’s Gap Intermediate School

2020:  04/30/20

Birmingham, Alabama
  Bluff Park, Elementary

2020:  05/01/20

Hoover, Alabama
  Riverchase Elementary

2020:  05/11/20

Libertyville, Illinois
  Copeland Manor School

2020:  05/19/20

Cicero, Illinois
  Elementary School

2020:  05/28/20

Fairview, New Jersey
  Fairview School