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The Stick Dog series encourages reading – by making kids laugh. There’s more than just fun and adventure with Stick Dog and his crazy canine pals, however. Readers will also find advanced vocabulary, a distinct narrative voice and important lessons about friendship, trust, patience and inclusion. These traits all come wrapped in a page-turning story.

Even the artwork is meant to be accessible. It can be copied – and maybe even improved upon!

Students can work on reading, writing and art all at once by writing and illustrating their own Stick Dog story. To get started, students just need to answer these three questions.

  1. What’s a good food for Stick Dog and his friends to discover? Maybe tacos? Cotton candy? Sushi? Something else?
  2. How do the dogs discover – and get – the food?
  3. What illustrations can be drawn to help tell the story? Use the books for reference or visit the ‘Videos’ page for additional instructions.

Included below are some downloadable activities and a teaching guide to get students thinking, writing and drawing.

Stick Dog Dreams of Ice Cream Teaching Guide

Designed specifically around the latest book in the series, these teaching tools include engaging discussion questions and fun activities. CCSS correlation references included.

Stick Dog Ice Cream Teaching Guide

Download the Teaching Guide

Stick Dog Reading Kit

Reading sometimes is a habit that’s hard to make stick. Let Stick Dog help make reading FUN. Download the Stick with Reading Kit, with activities, reading prompts, and a certificate to help create a fun and life-long habit!

Stick Dog Reading Kit

Download the Reading Kit