Send Tom a Message

It’s always a kick for Tom to hear from young readers who have discovered Stick Dog and his nutty friends. If you’d like to send a message to Tom, just click here.

Schedule a Visit

Tom loves to visit schools, bookstores, libraries and hamburger restaurants. His visits usually include talking with kids about the Stick Dog books, teaching them how to draw all the characters, and lots of time for questions and answers. He even asks young readers to help him come up with great ideas for future Stick Dog stories.

Tom’s schedule fills up quickly (and he does need to reserve lots of time to keep writing more Stick Dog adventures), but he does visit schools and other places whenever he can. The best way to inquire about Tom’s availability is to contact his School Events Coordinator at HarperCollins at this e-mail address:

[email protected]

If you’re a student or a parent, it’s best to talk with a teacher, librarian or reading specialist at your school. Then, just direct them to this web site or the e-mail address above.