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Stick Dog #2 Release Date is October 8

It’s called, Stick Dog Wants a Hot Dog.

You can pre-order it at Amazon if you’d like. The dogs hear a strange sound, follow it to hot dog cart and then plan their mission. It doesn’t go quite the way they planned.  I’m real happy with the way this adventure turned out.  I think there are loads of laughs and I think it’s a real page-turner.

What else is significant about October 8?  It is also National Fluffernutter Day in the United States.  A fluffernutter sandwich is made with marshmallow fluff, peanut butter and bread.  These two things – the release of the second Stick Dog book and National Fluffernutter Day – are not related at all.

Although Stick Dog Wants a Fluffernutter would be a funny idea for a book.

Stick Dog wants a Hot Dog

Posted by Tom Watson on 09/27 at 07:12 AM

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