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Fan Mail or ‘Where in the World is Maria?’  :)

Tom always answers fan mail ... but he’s having trouble with super-fan Maria!

Tom gets lots of correspondence from kids all over the world who enjoy the Stick Dog and Stick Cat series.  And he always writes back.  But there’s one super-fan named Maria who has written him a few times and closes her letters with ‘Please write back!  I have an important question to ask you!’  Well, Maria, I hope you look at this blog sometime ... (this is really just a personal message for Maria).  I have tried to write you back several times, but the e-mail address you’re sending from keeps bouncing back to me!  So, I don’t want to let an important message go unanswered .... so try to send your e-mail to me from another address okay??!?!?!?!?!

Posted by Tom Watson on 09/20 at 01:19 PM

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