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Mutt just showed up with the most amazing things!

Karen, Stripes, Poo-Poo and I were just lounging around my pipe this morning when Mutt came over.  He said he found these very strange oval-shaped plastic balls at Picasso Park.  He found one under a bench, one in a clump of daffodils and one in the corner of the sandbox.  He shook all three of them out of his fur.  They were different colors and shiny.  When the last one fell out of his fur, it cracked open and these colorful, sweet, chewy balls fell out.  They were totally delicious.  We quickly broke open the other two and found more sweet treats inside.  I have no idea what they were, but we’re heading back to Picasso Park to look for more.  How weird is that?  SD

Posted by Tom Watson on 04/25 at 12:15 PM

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