Where you can find Tom Watson

When Tom visits schools, libraries and bookstores, he talks about the books, the writing process and his favorite hamburger and hot dog toppings. He also usually gives a Stick Dog drawing lesson. So if you’re coming to one of the events below, be sure to bring paper and a pencil! And be sure to have some ideas about what Stick Dog’s or Stick Cat's next adventure could be about. Tom’s going to ask you for ideas.

2017:  02/04/17

Evanston Public Library
  Evanston, IL

2017:  02/06/17

Whispering Pines Elementary
  Humble, TX

2017:  03/08/17

Butterfield School
  Libertyville, IL

2017: 02/07/17

Deerwood Elementary
  Kingwood, TX

2017: 02/08/17

Oak Forest Elementary
Willow Creek Elementary
  Humble, TX

2017: 02/09/17

Greentree Elementary
  Kingwood, TX

2017: 02/10/17

Maplewood Elementary
  Humble, TX

2017: 02/14/17

Poynette Elementary
  Poynette, WI

2017: 02/16/17

Spencer Crossing Elementary
  New Lenox, IL

2017: 02/23/17

Canterbury Elementary
  Crystal Lake, IL

2017: 03/01/17

Palos West Elementary
  Palos Park, IL

2017: 03/02/17

Palos East Elementary
  Palos Park, IL

2017: 03/20/17

Annette Lines Elementary
  Barrington, IL

2017: 03/21/17

Roslynn Road Elementary
  Barrington, IL

2017: 03/22/17

Amsterdam Elementary
  Hillsborough, NJ

2017: 03/23/17

Marlboro Elementary
  Marlboro, NJ

2017: 04/22/17

Headwater’s Reading Council Author’s Festival
  Tomahawk, WI

2017: 04/25/17

Stick Cat #2 - Cats in the City
  Tour dates and stops coming soon.